Home Again!

Just home from celebrating my birthday in Banff, Canada, with old friends from my west Texas Community Theatre days.  We have a reunion every few years, anywhere but Odessa, and this year I got to pick.  Seven of us shared a four bedroom condo with more steps than I cared to count, but I managed.  Was worried about altitude sickness, but did OK except for major nasal congestion and minor nosebleeds.  Jim and I enjoyed high tea at the lovely Banff Springs Hotel–such a delightful experience!  We drove up to Lake Louise and met a charming Hindu couple who asked for my blessing!  I got to scratch off Stand-on-a-Glacier from my bucket list.  As theatre folk, we had to attend the dinner theatre performance of “O Canada, Eh!” at Canmore; enjoyed the very hard-working actors who also served us dinner, and I got my pic taken with Anne of Green Gables and a Canadian Mountie.  Did some major Christmas shopping, although the shops in Banff were a major disappointment–either tacky souvenir shops or skiing/hiking/biking outfitters.  The hotel shops were a totally different story, and I found something extra-special for my sister Betty’s Christmas! 

And so!  Wise Manor is open for bidness again as the proprietor is home from the hills (what an understatement!  the Canadian Rockies are gi-normous!)  Give me a call…

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